Friday, December 5, 2014

October and November - Life and Results


Lots of new stuff going on and very few time to write here.


First of all my daughter, Isis, was born at 24 of October beautiful and very healthy ;) Many things changed in my life and one of those things it is sleeping way less heh. So trying to keep a daily routine is virtually impossible... but for her is worthy. It's  an amazing feeling to be a father and it has been an incredible experience. I'm knowing for the first time what is unconditional love.


Just before the birth I quit my job at the gym because without a reason and with a 4 day notice I was informed that 1/3 of my weekly hours would be cut off... So I just said at the time that they could just go **** themselves (I was very stressed at the time haha). But in the end everything went fine since I started with 3 new clients in my freelance business.


These last 2 months were very swingy as you can see in the graphs:


Started the month very bad but managed to finish up. But the luckiest thing was winning 1000$ on a 1$ Spin and Go, when I was just trying them xD Played about 20 of these till the 1000$ poped up ;) So at the end was a great month :)

November was just caotic... But I will not blame variance I played terrible the first days of the month and I learned a big lesson... do not play tired. The first week with the baby was insane, sleept about 14 hours the whole week and that affected my game. So the rest of the month was to try to reduce the losses and to improve my game and mindset. I played some hands at nl16 just to rebuild confidence again- At the end was not so bad with the fpp value, bonus and a 200$ winning for the 136th place on the Sunday Storm and a 46,42$ prize for 5264th on the Main Event of the Micro Millions.

In conclusion:


+ $158,14 Cash Game Earnings

+ $77 FPP Value
+ $50 Stellar Reward

+ $827,44 Tournament

+ $1112,58 


-  $402,50 Cash Game Earnings

+ $110 FPP Value
+ $50 Stellar Reward

+ $257,51 Tournament
+ $62,35 Reload Bonus

  - $32,64

I hope the December brings better results ;)


Monday, October 20, 2014

September Results


Since I started the blog a little bit latter then I tought, so I'll only post now last month results.

For me it was a good month because it was my 3rd shot at nl25 and it was finally a successful on. I played a mix of 6 max and FR at nl16-nl25. On the otherside my volume was very low =/  It was a busy month since I had to go with my girlfriend several times to the doctors to do ecography, blood analysis and some other exams. We also spent some time preparing the room for my baby that is expected to born this week :)
 And now the results:
+ $354,37 Cash Game Earnings
+ $121 FPP Value
+ $17,26 Tournament
+ $492,63 


I'm happy with the results and would like to be able to put more volume in October, but I know it will not be an easy task.

Cheers ;)

Friday, October 17, 2014


Hello to all!

I decided to start this blog after talking with a big friend of mine who is working abroad and he gave the idea to start blogging, such as my girlfriend thought it was a good a idea.
First I would like to explain my poker story but I don't want to write a big testament, so I'll try to be short ;) I'm portuguese and started playing poker online in 2004-2005, as many I first played play money and then went to play freerools till I reached 60$. With this money I grinded SNG's and when

I reach 200$ made the change to cash games. I grinded till I was playing nl25, wich I played during college just for fun and to have an extra money. In 2010 when I finished my college degree in Sports Sciences I decided to stop playing poker and focus more on my career, as I was already doing an internship in the portuguese High Performance Center and where I work till today. In the meanwhile I started working in another gym as an Instructor, Personal trainer and Group Class Instructor where I also work today. Also started doing some Freelance Personal Training.
Everything was going well in my life until in 2013 I needed to do a Hip Surgery due to a bone conflict and overuse related with my work and my sport (was a thai and MMA fighter) and this lead to a 12 month recovery with 3 of them staying at home without working. At this time without nothing to do at home I install Pokerstars and started to play again (had some $ there) nl10. I was shocked with the skill level compared with 2008... Where I was a winning player and in 2013 I was losing money. I changed my plan and went lower to nl5 and begin studying the game again with some videos and reading 2+2. Studying the game helped a lot and I start to move up stakes and now I'm playing nl25 since last month.

My goal is to play the max volume I can when I'm not working and improve my game to be able to move up since I'm going to be a father this month of a baby girl named Ísis and I want to give my familly a better life that I can offer at the moment.

Here I'll post my evolution and some other random stuff I like ;) Hope you enjoy

Best regards,